The Pain Pack


This package can not be combined with any other savings or special offers.
The Pain Pack is a collection of greatbbn products that can give that relief you are looking for. These products may work well for joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, etc.
The Pain pack includes:
-1000mg Naysa Intensive Pain Rub
Penetrates the toughest aches and discomforts. Provides maximum relief of muscle aches. Combates intensive tension, stiffness, and sore muscles. Eases muscle, nerve and joint discomfort. Great for combating swelling naturally. Designed to deliver results)

-1500mg Naysa CBD Oil
(Help relieve discomfort and balance the body with 1500mg Naysa CBD. Supporting you body well being, relieving anxiety. It can reduce nausea and vomiting. Help reduce pain and overall body soreness

-Terpenes4Health Ultra Pain Relief Terpene
This is a fast acting pain relief. Some health benefits that can be found by using this product include, pain relief, acid reflux relief, memory stimulation especially in alzheimer patients,  antioxidant, neuroproctant.   anti nflamatory as well as many other things.

– 2 Hempsol Gummies 40mg of .3% THC | 80mg CBD
The Hempsol Gummie is a revolutionary product that is made from the highest quality industrial American hemp! The Gummie is completely within the 0.3% federal limit. This product does contain THC. This product was designed with all the benefits of CBD with the added bonus of .3% THC. Disclaimer: This product contains below the legal limit of THC (0.3%).

***This Pain Pack gives you savings of over $75.00!!!***

-Not valid with any other offer!-

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