T1 Hemp Bud 1/8 17.4% CBD/.29%THC


What you’ll notice about T1 Trump is that it showcases exceptional control. With such a high CBD content and nearly zero THC, this strain doesn’t get heady at all, allowing you to maintain focus, concentration, and clarity throughout the span of its effects. At the start of its impact, you’ll feel a sense of well-being, removing stress to give rise to an open state of mind without focus on mental clutter.

Then, the strain takes over your body, slowing down your respiration to calm the entire system. In effect, T1 Trump slows down all of your functions, keeping you feeling calm and relaxed as the substance suppresses any negative feelings that might weigh you down.

Long lasting and strong, the effects of T1 Trump can be exceptionally impressive because you maintain control all throughout the duration of its efficacy. So whether you choose to get some housework done, or to complete a work-related task, you can be sure that T1 Trump won’t cloud your judgement.

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